New Year, New School!

We revamped our homeschool for the new year. Many years ago, when my 19 yr. old was in elementary and we started homeschooling, we used Ambleside Online. It is Charlotte Mason style and we used it loosely.

This time, I will have 4 children using AO in Years 1,2,4, and 6. We already have a good bit of the books for the Year 1 from before and a lot are available online for free (but who doesn’t prefer the feel of a REAL book in their hands when reading?!?!?). We went ahead and ordered the books needed for Year 6, Term 1, and will be getting the rest as we are able.

We are currently on week 2 and the children are enjoying it for the most part. It is a bit of an adjustment for the older ones but they are pushing through!


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